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Get 16% more from your negotiations

Features that help supply chain and sales professionals get more:

  • "Money Finder"

    Ask zopaf to find the money being left on the table.
  • Model Building

    Build a model of your negotiation in 4 easy steps.
  • Log-Rolling

    Give on what you care less about to gain on what you care more about.
  • Packaging

    Negotiate issues simultaneously rather than split the difference on each term.
  • Mediator

    Allow zopaf to serve as a neutral 3rd party to unlock hidden value.
money on the table
Money is inevitably left on the table during every negotiation. Ironically, this money is left on the table by the same supply chain & sales professionals that fight every day to meet their cost or revenue targets. Zopaf is designed to help these professionals capture the money they would normally walk away from.

Money Finder

Before finalizing the contract, invite your counterpart to connect and allow zopaf to find an offer that will make you both better off.
Unlock hidden value
Negotiation Model

Build a Model

The best way to understand a complex situation is to model it. Zopaf helps users build a model of the negotiation by breaking it into 4 basic elements:
  • What are the negotiables?
  • What importance is placed on the negotiables?
  • What are typical values for the negotiables?
  • When will each party walk away from the negotiation?

Trading on Differences

Value is created when people weigh negotiables differently. You can unlock this value by yielding on negotiables you care less about to gain on negotiables you care more about. This technique is known as Log-Rolling.
Log Rolling
Negotiate Packages

Negotiate Packages

To unlock the most value from your differences, you need to negotiate the entire negotiation package instead of negotiating one term at a time. This is difficult without the help of a negotiation calculator.

Neutral 3rd Party

People fear sharing information openly because they don't want to be taken advantage of. Zopaf removes opportunism by releasing information to users simultaneously after they have both agreed to share.

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