Get 5-15% more from your negotiations.

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Prepare Quickly

Preparation is key to winning in negotiations. However, you don’t have time to spend months preparing. Focus on the key elements and you will get up to speed quickly.

negotiation map

Get 5-15% More

Our studies show that people leave between 5-15% of the value of a deal on the table. Help meet your objectives by tapping into this uncaptured value.

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Get The Upper Hand

Gain the upper hand by being better prepared and having a better set of tools.

figure out what your negotiation counterpart is thinking

Find The Best Deals

The Negotiation Map helps you answer one of negotiations oldest questions: “Can I do better?” The best deals are those on the upper edge. Evaluate where your offers are relative to the ZOPA Frontier.

understand what you are really thinking

Learn From Rejected Offers

Each rejected offer contains a wealth of data. By using machine learning techniques you can actually learn from rejected offers to figure out the importance the other person places on each issue. Knowing this will allow you to make better tradeoffs and get more from your negotiations.

Negotiation Tools

Break Through An Impasse

Sometimes you just need to find some wiggle room to break through a negotiation impasse. Zopaf helps you break through these jams by letting you find points from both the supplier and buyer perspective as well as showing you offers that can make you both better off.